Local Neighborhood Information, Before Talking To A Real Estate Agent.

Looking to find the perfect Real Estate Agent that you can trust? Somebody who can walk you through buying or selling your home, and offer you the best opportunities?

We all do, and we all fail to find that guardian angel!

The fear of choosing the wrong house for your family can be a big burden, when you're having to make one of your biggest decisions in your life. It's less than enjoyable, especially when you feel pressured to buy the house presented to you, or to take the first offer and sell your family's home. We've all been there.

Now there’s an answer;


HAUS- [house - noun, adjective hous] -VU [view - noun, vyoo]

At HAUSVU we are dedicated to put you first. Yes, the customer. We assist you to find the house that becomes your family’s home for many years to come.

HAUSVU is a community forum for home buyers and sellers to rate their local Real Estate Agent and neighborhood experience. A place for customers to voice and share their story.

HAUSVU offers the community a wide selection of mortgage calculators, personal editorials, and customer reviews with the latest information for you to make the best decision possible, and more importantly meet your family's needs.

In sharing this local neighborhood knowledge, future home buyers and sellers can make better decisions and enjoy their experience in finding their dream home for their families.

Buying a home is the most important and expensive purchase you'll ever make in your life. HAUSVU makes it easy for you to research your local neighborhood from the very people that have gone through the process. The customer review rating system allows customers to rate their Real Estate Agent and recommend them to you from firsthand experience.

Never before has there been available to home buyers or home sellers such a powerful community source of information in local real estate at their fingertips.

Don't get pressured into making the most important and expensive purchase of your life, do your research, ask people that have been in your shoes, and get the best opportunity for you and your family to find the dream house you've all been looking for.

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